Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Alabama...roll tide ROLL!!!!!

The beginning of August I went to visit a friend of mine in Alabama!!!!! I must say it is HOTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!! I don't know what I was thinking going down in August.  Even though it was extremely hot, I had a blast!!!!!! I was able to play with Colin (her son), and completely relax and forget about this valley I live in.  OK, the valley isn't THAT bad... it just kinda sucks... and some people in it suck too!

OK back to Bama...  Almost everyone down there are down to earth and really nice. The men(that i encountered) say yes ma'am, thank you ma'am, and your welcome ma'am...and they open and hold doors for women... boys around here... MEH! those types don't really exist up here. They are what i call a fallacy. I took some pictures... so I decided to post them!!!!!
Colin on the beach(destin beach Florida)

Hank Williams Monument

Destin Beach


The riverwalk in Montgomery Alabama

Me in the reflection of a plane

Colin and I look like tiny dots compared to the plane
Maxwell AFB

Hank Williams
Im pretty sure i have more photos but my camera was giving me issues and didnt upload all of them!!!!!! Well until next time!!!!!


  1. He is SO adorable. :) I'm so glad you had fun there, you needed it!